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This Adinkra symbol SANKOFA means "learn from the past".  As the feet of the bird move forward, the head is looking back to reflect on the lessons learned from the past. The message teaches the importance of learning from the past, using it to help you grow in the future and a reminder to move forward. These earrings are a unique fashion statement and tell a story of values, hopes and dreams.  


The design is manually rolled onto sterling silver with handmade ear wires and are very light.   


These earrings are custom made.  Please allow 1-2 weeks to fulfill the order.



Remembrance Teardrop Adinkra Silver Earrings

  • The process of imprinting the symbols onto the silver is labor intensive.  Each symbol has to be uploaded, cut out with heavy paper, shaped, enclose the silver and symbol in heavy water color paper and put through the rolling mill.  Then saw, file. clean, liver of sulfur for accent of symbol and make the findings.  Its worth every bit of time to have jewelry that has meaning beyond its beauty.  









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